About BFAC

The Boston Figurative Art Center, located at 6 Vernon Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a place for people who are interested in art, and particularly figurative art, to get to practice that art alongside other artists. For the most part the BFAC hosts sessions of life drawing or painting, but occasionally there are social or travel events, lectures, or other excuses for getting together.

We are structured as a membership organization-  members (who pay $25 per month) come to classes and events for a discount.

For the moment, the easiest way for us to manage the studio schedule is through our meetup.com/boston-figurative-art-center page.  You can become a member of that for free, and RSVP for events and pay for them through that page.

BFAC meetup page

You can also pay for sessions and classes on the CREDIT CARD PAYMENT page on this site. However, please RSVP on the meetup page as that will now be our way to track attendance and keep the room from becoming crowded.

Jeremy Durling on Friday, Saturday mornings
From Monday Night Drawing
Jeremy Durling on Friday and Saturday mornings


discussion group BFAC
BFAC discussion group
Studio Panorama
Studio Panorama
figures from imag1 copy
Simplified Anatomy with Damon Lehrer