New easels.

Don’t like the rickety assortment of old wooden easels that the BFAC has collected over the past few years? Well, your dreams of new easels are coming true as I write! Ten new metal easels, perfect in every way (except height, which will be addressed with extensions…) are being assembled by elves and will be available for our monday night drawing session tomorrow… (tonight, technically, I’m up late)

New folding waiter’s tray-stands will provide mobile, light, and easily storable solutions to our painting table shortage. A new 2-foot-wide push broom should address the general mess. A new flat-file will store more paper and drawings, and coming soon: TRACK LIGHTING.

Yes, you can’t believe your ears, I know, but we are moving toward the nirvana of lighting- a light for each easel, and a drop-curtain to separate easel lighting from model lighting. Drawing and painting will flow without resistance from any external barrier as the studio morphs into a simulacrum of the platonic concept of Studio.

Join us if you’re ready for transcendence.

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