Studio space for rent- potentially

The Boston Figurative Art Center is gathering a list of people who would be interested in private or shared creative space in a building in the Somerville area or in a surrounding town.   Space will be available for most budgets, and in many configurations-  private space on a “time-share”  basis, open space with lockers for a more community feel, and larger private spaces.   

Please email with “studio space” in the subject line, and we will send information when we have it.

Also, please indicate what your preference would be:

Shared space (open, shared room with private areas for supplies)

Time-share (reserved hours in a private space)

Private studio – please indicate size and approximate budget

What types of community or art resources would you like to see in a creative space building?  (Wood shop, café, lounge, classroom area, etc.)

Thanks for your help!

BFAC- 6 Vernon St, Somerville