Credit Card Payment

General fee scheme for the BFAC:

The BFAC is a membership driven organization.  We rely on people paying recurring memberships to pay our rent and utilities, and the fees we collect for individual sessions generally go towards model costs.   The monthly membership fee is $25, which entitles the member to attend the Monday or Thursday evening drawing sessions for $15 per session; to drop-in to the Tuesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday month-long painting sessions (space permitting) for $15, and to reserve space at those sessions for a reduced cost (usually $15 less than non-members).   Non-member drop-in fees are as follows: $25 for a one-time entry on Monday or Thursday night drawing, and $30 for a one-time entry during the month-long painting poses (space permitting). If you chose to pay for your membership and first session together each month, you can pay $25 + $10 (instead of $15) for a total of $35. You can pay here or in person in the studio. If you choose, you can subscribe to a recurring membership from your credit card or paypal account, and still pay $10 for the first session of each month.

Please pay by paypal or credit card here and let us know that you’ve paid online when you arrive.  We are a volunteer organization and know that this system is imperfect, but please be assured that we will work hard to rectify any accounting issues if you feel you’ve paid too much (or too little). Click the link at the bottom of the screen or email if you have questions- we do our best to answer in a timely manner.

There are a few paypal buttons for different payment options- please choose the one that is appropriate (i.e., if it’s the first session you’re attending in a calendar month and would like to also become a member for that month, please choose “membership plus class,” in the drop-down menu for $35).

To use a credit card, look at the bottom of the paypal page after you click the paypal buttons – there is an option for using a credit card.   Thanks for bearing with us as we work on the website.


To pay a different amount, for example for long-pose painting sessions, use this button:

Please note session or event

To subscribe to a monthly recurring membership through paypal or credit card, please use the paypal button below: