Studio Rules

Studio Rules:

This is a community that only works if everyone pitches in and helps keep things going.  We have no paid staff, only volunteer help to run all the sessions and classes.  For this reason, please:

1.  Keep the studio clean!  Wipe down your easel after use, don’t leave trash, pencil shavings, razor blades, wet paint, or half empty beer bottles around when you leave…  There are trash cans and recycling bins provided.  Please return easels and paintings tables to wherever you found them at the end of the session.

2.   Be respectful to models.   If you’re trying to help the model relocate themselves in a pose, please don’t touch them, their clothes, or their hair.   Ask them to make adjustments.   Please be aware that comments you make, even when not directed at the models, can be overheard and can give offense.   Being naked is a vulnerable state; please err on the side of caution and consideration.

3.   Be respectful to other artists in the room.  Please keep talking and noise to an absolute minimum during the poses.  If there’s an issue relating to easel positions or lines of sight, feel free to gently mention it.   Please direct questions to the session host.